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Bull Breed Rescue


We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned and mistreated bull breeds across the UK.

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At Barking Mad it is our passion to make the lives of our four legged friends full of love and fun.

With the influx of over and bad breeding the number of bull breeds at shelters are at an all time high.

At Barking Mad it is our aim to help re-home bull breeds nationwide that have been abandoned or mistreated.

We hope to raise funds to be able to assist with any treatment(s) a dog may need. Also with the help from our volunteers we will preform extensive assessments so we can re-home any dog in the best suited environment.

We have a foster and adoption scheme in place.

For people with bull breed experience we ask for them to foster a rescued dog, helping to rehabilitate and show them a truly loving home whilst we search for a forever home.

All our volunteers will undergo an assessment to make sure they are suitable candidates for our scheme.

We hope to hold fundraisers, sell merchandise, as well as asking for donations from all new adopting parents to help keep the scheme going.




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