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Mission Statement



There are few things more upsetting than the thought of a neglected dog. Yes, they are man’s best friend, but sometimes we are far from being theirs. Shelters throughout the UK are regularly at full capacity when they are doing their very best to restore faith in humanity to a neglected or abandoned dog.

At Barking Mad, we know that certain breeds of dog are even more susceptible to needing the support of a dog shelter, and yet, due to their specific breed it can be more difficult for them to be placed in a shelter. Some breeds of dog are perceived to be unsuitable for shelters, which makes the job of helping them and putting them somewhere safe more difficult. Without being in a shelter and giving people the opportunity to take them in permanently, they are more likely to spend prolonged periods effectively homeless and even worse, to be put down.

As lovers of these breeds, we are building a link between the dog owners who would love the opportunity to care for a neglected bull breed, and the shelters that house them. The end result will be that we can all play a proactive role in not only improving, but also saving these dogs’ lives. Please explore our site to learn the ways that you can be the person to save the life of a bull breed.



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